S700 main1

XL to XXL sizes, easy lift & slide door

S700 is a top class LIFT-SLIDE system, for very large openings with impressive, out of competition characteristics.

  • Very low face sash of only 84mm
  • Intelligent water evacuation system, perfect for heavy rainfalls
  • Special 38mm anti-distortion Polyamides, for avoiding the banana effect, during high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors
  • Very high thermal insulation (Uw up to 1.7 W/m2k with tripple glazing)

Technical Characteristics

  • Sash width 70mm
  • Visible height 142mm
    • Frame height 48 mm
    • Sash height 95.5 mm
  • Sash mechanism designed for up to 300 kg
  • Glass thickness up to 34 mm


large interconnecting warm profiles allow for taller operating panels with superior sealing capabilities


thicker aluminum extrusions combined with high-performance polyamide thermal breaks give narrow sight lines to the vertical mullions without compromise to performance


Specially designed hardware allows for easy operation of extremely large and heavy panels


Rotating the handle effortlessly lifts the door panels ready to be moved


as the panel lifts, it frees the gaskets allowing the door to slide effortlessly across the track


Integrated water evacuation system ensures for quick and efficient drainage